Cuisine::pro Tempo Double Walled Tumbler Glass 236ml Set of 2


Savour your morning coffee with the stylish Cuisine::pro Tempo Double Walled Glasses!

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  • Set of 2 latte glasses, perfect for the home or small cafe businesses
  • Made with durable dual layer borosilicate glass
  • Heat resistant design allows you to grip the glass comfortably while enjoying hot teas and coffee
  • Integrated ventilation hole in the base of the cup allows for pressure to be released gradually and safely
  • Smooth and fine rim allows you to sip comfortably

Drink with confidence when you serve up rejuvenating teas and coffee in the Cuisine::pro Barista Facet Latte Glass! This stylish glass set is ideal for giving your drinkware collection a modern, yet understated, style. Crafted from heat-proof Borosilicate glass, the Cuisine::pro Barista Facet Latte Glasses have a chic double walled design that gives your beverages the appearance of floating in the glass. Cool to the touch at all times, the Barista Facet Latte Glasses won

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    2 x 236ml latte glasses